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StarlaHatsune Miku11 June, 2012 - 22:15
That is so lovely ^^
xLaviChiiHatsune Miku10 June, 2012 - 21:46
You make a cute Miku :3 good job!~
Pandora-ChiSho Kurusu23 April, 2012 - 00:54
OMG! I had no idea u were the Sho I saw at both Kita and Hyper Japan!! You look super adorable as Sho ^^ Much love for this <3
Pandora-ChiSky High23 April, 2012 - 00:53
Ahh you were the one I saw at Kita when I was being Karina <3 This Sky High cosplay is fantastic!! <3 Everything is so well made! :3
sarmanderSho Kurusu19 April, 2012 - 23:11
Aah, I love Syo! You look adorable~ ^__^
InoSho Kurusu19 April, 2012 - 23:10
You make a great Sho! ^-^
KANECHIKASho Kurusu11 March, 2012 - 14:25
素敵~!(≧ε≦○) 六人揃ったところ是非拝見したかったっっ! ヘタリア女日本も完成度高いですね♪
InfiniteJesterSho Kurusu7 March, 2012 - 23:02
so epic!
GazizatyFem Japan14 February, 2012 - 16:26
Woop! Amazing fem!Japan ^^
KittzFem Japan9 February, 2012 - 21:03
Amazing! I shall be taking a photo of you in Hyper Japan! what day are you planning of doing it?
CarminaFem Japan9 January, 2012 - 11:46
She's cute. Good luck!
kitamurinSky High17 November, 2011 - 14:48
You were such an incredible Sky High, ahhh *__* Well done!
j_mercuryukSky High2 November, 2011 - 02:58
It looks so awesome. I love your costume :D
macaronicSky High31 October, 2011 - 00:16
Hello! I stopped by as France from APH on Sunday when you were Sky High- you looked brilliant <3 <3 <3 I only regret that we weren't both cosplaying Tiger&Bunny at the same time. I'm so happy you recognised us from Hyper Japan ;o;
birds-hate-flyingSky High27 October, 2011 - 22:43
wow, that's great progress. Your outfit is beautifully made-- I think it's very professional looking! Will you be making the helmet as well?
FlickSky High26 October, 2011 - 11:09
Ooooh, this looks awesome and you are awesome for having made this. Can't wait to see it! \o/

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