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Well myself mainly, I have only just found out what cosplay is.
I have been cosplaying for at least 3 years without knowing.

My first expo is: London MCM May Expo 2010 with Red XIII Quadsuit.(i also went 2010 oct with red.

My Third was may 2011 with my tenebrae quad, and im going in oct too.

I Enjoy being inside quadsuits even though there really tirering and wet and very hot.

My proudest moment id achieving my first true quadsuit and taking it to London and gaining loads of attention.
I feel he is a real achievement.
Red XIII quadsuit
Tenebrae quad
4 Okami Amatresau one fursuit two giginka one quad
Kain form final fantasy.
Several Links (human)
+ loads more

Comished costumes ~(things im making and selling):

Okami ammy dress fursuit + semi quad

wolf link hat

Kiala head and mane.

Gloves of all sorts and scarfs.

+loads more.

open for costume comishes

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