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Ranma1-2Kasumi Goto9 July, 2012 - 00:24
Ok good luck with the cos. Are you entering masquerade?
Ranma1-2Kasumi Goto7 July, 2012 - 20:41
Looks like a really nice costume. Full body suit takes a lot or work, have you made a start yet?
Ranma1-2Matsulika7 July, 2012 - 20:38
applause for taking the boob flash in your stride ^^ the things we do for cosplay.. Cosplayers are a special breed of people. :)
Kata-sanKerrigan29 May, 2011 - 22:03
This costume looks mental! Good luck with it, I can't wait to see it finished!
eternal_aranelRen 000-3901-025 March, 2011 - 14:15
Melon Bread! XD This should be great!

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