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I'm Bossy Otaku of 'The Otaku Trioka' Cosplay Group, which I founded alongside 2 others. We've been cosplaying together since 2007, when we met at a friend's costume party. The first MCM Expo we went to, my sister (Mini Otaku) decided that we should cosplay, so we made both of our costumes in a few days and they were, to put it softly, terrible.
Since then I have put in more effort than is probably sensible to keep The Trioka's Cosplays at the highest level we could manage, and I am now in the process of working towards competition standards. My greatest acheivement so far has been to have at least one person say about my cosplay "that's the best *insert character name here* i've ever seen" at every Expo I attend. Seeing how my costume can make someone happy makes me happy.
I'm currently writing a blog on cosplay make-up, with hopefully useful tips and tutorials for others to take advantage of, and taking commissions.

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Teacup_Erinyes - Megara - 14th May 2014

I literally never stop re-making this...

So, my figure has changed a lot since last I wore Meg, which means it needs a bit of a remodel again to have the same effect.
Starting with a new top. Going for another layer with a deeper cowl this time, so it's a bit more shapely, and I've cut down the existing top into more of a plunge to fit with this.
Also making myself some new hip-padding to wear under the dress, and I'm going to get around to the airbrushing I wanted to get done on it to emphasise the panels.
Lastly, the wig is getting another makeover, adding in some new wefts which should add a little more toning (I hate how it looks so bright red in sunlight), and some new shiny curls.


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