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OriginPrincess Peach4 June, 2017 - 00:30
Looks like the dress turned out great! And that parasol is a great prop for the cosplay, too, especially for the summer!
Shinigami_kySans11 August, 2016 - 12:39
This is so cute! You look adorable
Ranmaru cosplaysCatriel Layton29 July, 2016 - 17:02
this will be fun to see and she such a cute character good luck with it
Ranmaru cosplaysMarie12 June, 2016 - 20:51
this will look so cool XD can't wait to see this also this has reminded me i want to cosplay callie :D good luck
ShadowofShinraBlack Mage24 May, 2016 - 18:24
Everything's looking really great so far! Hopefully will get to see it at MCM ^^
DarkiekunSans17 May, 2016 - 09:42
Cant wait to see hopefully its on sunday and ill see ya as Undyne
Ranmaru cosplaysSans10 May, 2016 - 22:15
this will look awesome can't wait to see pictures after you been mcm :D
ArcaneArcheryBlack Mage9 May, 2016 - 22:29
I'll be keeping an eye out for this - I'm thinking of doing a similar costume myself at some point (Vivi from FF IX) so it will be handy to see how someone else does it.
DarkiekunBlack Mage8 May, 2016 - 23:37
Looks awesome 8D can't wait for more updates keep up the good work
Lady-AiraPrincess Zelda10 April, 2016 - 16:37
Loving the progress on this and you look so cute in the wig! ^^ Cannot wait to see it finished <3
Prof. FearsMiyo Takano6 April, 2016 - 20:22
Higurashi is great! Good choice; really looking forward to seeing this! :D
DivadellarteMajora4 April, 2016 - 16:41
This sounds brilliant! The photos you've posted so far look great. Look forward to seeing some pictures of the finished thing.
DarkiekunBlack Mage31 March, 2016 - 10:07
Can't wait for this hope to see it at expo!
cowieeYuno Gasai13 March, 2016 - 00:10
oh you look fantastic! I'm still in the middle of watching this series and you've portrayed her very nicely! Well done!
Dax79Harley Quinn1 March, 2016 - 19:41
Love seeing Harleys! You should add some more pictures! Keep up the great work!
Deathblow_PrimePrincess Zelda29 February, 2016 - 21:04
Necklace is looking good :) Hope to see more progress soon.
KnightslyYuno Gasai26 February, 2016 - 11:03
looks good, i just finished my yuki cosplay =O
KnightslyKyubey23 February, 2016 - 06:51
thats awesome i love it
KnightslyToon Link16 February, 2016 - 01:57
This is awesome good job
ShadowofShinraKyubey12 January, 2016 - 08:22
This is a great take on Kyuubey, very nicely done - and I love the clipboard!

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