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Recently Received Comments

Sawada 'Tsuna' Tsunayoshi18 June, 2014 - 15:50
Your such an adorable Tsuna!! <3
Bambi.Flame Haze Shana12 January, 2010 - 17:52
I must see piccies :d hehe xxx
Odd-One-OutRaimei Shimizu5 May, 2009 - 19:05
The Chrona girl is Sam, I can give her your details if you want?
zigadoFlame Haze Shana2 May, 2009 - 21:57
heya.... umm i think i hugged you lots at the expo :S since you were shana i wouldn't have let you off with just a few:P drove my EX insane though lol hows you??? going to expo this may??
hack.jnzKagura7 April, 2009 - 15:07
I massively, overly, TOTALLY need youre help. Did you make your buncovers? If so, HOW?! D: Btw, you look tip top. :3 x
Captain_MarvelousGenis Sage2 April, 2009 - 15:49
Radiant mythology is a great game ^.^ I really need to do Kratos I have his voice down and synphonia was a great game :p
voxuneRaimei Shimizu20 February, 2009 - 03:54
your the Raimei we saw in Oct :D a friend of mine was cosplaying her as well, she was with that Crona if im right. Compliment on your cosplay, looks very detailed. The Crona girl is a friend of mine but I have no idea if she has an account here.
ThirteenthesiaKagura3 December, 2008 - 21:22
ThirteenthesiaKagura3 December, 2008 - 21:18
I saw you at Expo and couldn't come say hi :(. It upsets me how few people in the UK know about Gintama... You're such a sweet Kagura XD
Leonie HeartillyGenis Sage15 September, 2008 - 22:21
Aww cute! I'm playing Radiant Mythology at the moment =3
BlusterSquallGenis Sage15 September, 2008 - 18:57
Oh man! Genis love! <3 He's so cute! I so want to see many photos of this!!
JakeXGenis Sage15 September, 2008 - 17:41
eeeeeeeeeeehehehehehehehe!!!!! Pull this off you will look so cute :D Cant wait till u start
InoPatricia "Patty" Thompson12 September, 2008 - 19:51
Ooooh wow! I can't wait to see you guys at Expo XDD You'll make a great Patty! I love that trio, they never fail to make me laugh ...
Just HenRaimei Shimizu12 September, 2008 - 19:25
I can't say I've seen the series or know of the character at all, but from appearences, I'd say you would suit the character very well! :3
FelixizeRaimei Shimizu12 September, 2008 - 19:07
Oh man, I feel psychic or something because I was counting down the time until you uploaded this, haha!
ryaokiPatricia "Patty" Thompson12 September, 2008 - 13:15
PATTYYYY SOO CUTEEE haha you so have to make a giraffe "yeyy a giraffe....IM GONNA SNAP YOUR FUCKING NECK " LMAO shes so funny
Neko-ChanMitsukuni 'Hunny' Haninozuka31 August, 2008 - 10:08
AWW! you make a fricken adorable hunny! :3 *flaps arms* why can i go to the ame con's. T____T Stupid trains.
Odd-One-OutSawada Tsunayoshi29 August, 2008 - 20:49
You guys rock, period.
HelloKittySawada 'Tsuna' Tsunayoshi16 August, 2008 - 23:40
was wkd hanging out in the Friday, sorry i scared you with trying to poke your eyes out... peace offering:
GeorgiGenis Sage15 August, 2008 - 00:00
YAY! Genis! You have to talk with one hand on your hip and the other hand waving about like he does throughout the game!

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