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AnniexoHoshiChandelure22 July, 2017 - 23:45
I think I saw you post this on the Kitacon fb page, can't wait to see and take a photo!
TomeckoRiko Sakurauchi23 June, 2017 - 05:58
That detail work is all looking beautiful so far! You're going to look so amazing when it's done!
foolishjackdawChandelure2 September, 2016 - 11:33
This is a really cool costume! Love the spirals at the sides of the dress <3
InfiniteJesterTiki3 July, 2016 - 21:35
This looks really cute!
ShadowofShinraClover21 April, 2016 - 09:21
Ah this is really great, always nice to see Zero Escape characters and you suit Clover really well!
cowieeCharlie8 April, 2016 - 22:34
Can't wait to see this, the game was awesome!
Siouxsie JamesFio Piccolo5 April, 2016 - 12:46
Yay! Good luck with this one :)
KalahiraAgitha8 March, 2016 - 22:32
This is so good! <3
Siouxsie JamesNastasia8 March, 2016 - 22:27
Oh my gosh. This is fantastic and I've never seen it done before :p
KnightslyLux4 March, 2016 - 09:14
looks awesome so far cant wait to see it finished
LelouchTheDoucheCharlie3 March, 2016 - 09:19
Love this game. Would be great to see this ^_^
TheStarlightFairyAgitha21 February, 2016 - 20:24
Aaaah so cute <3
MadlyScientificCharlie21 February, 2016 - 02:22
Omg yes I can't wait to see this! Kind of contemplating Phantom R myself tbh...
Prof. FearsLeavanny26 January, 2016 - 23:06
Your design is looking great! Hyped to see this made! :D
Prof. FearsHo-oh24 January, 2016 - 00:37
So cool! Loving the design! :D
MadlyScientificKazuko Souda21 January, 2016 - 19:57
Ahhhh I love this! The wig and teeth are perfect!
Prof. FearsKirby16 December, 2015 - 00:33
Absolutely great idea and wonderful payoff! :D
KnightslyLabelle3 December, 2015 - 10:20
looks good love animal crossing
Siouxsie JamesAgitha26 November, 2015 - 09:04
Yes! This costume is amazing :) such an undercosplayed character too!!! You've done a great job.
InfiniteJesterMagma Admin Courtney23 November, 2015 - 20:04
This is such a cute design!

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