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My first cosplay was Saki form Fruits Basket as it was a simple first cosplay, I didn't need to wear a wig or do anything with my hair and I made a cloak to go with it. That was about it.
My favourite so far was my Vincent Valentine one I did not long after that. It was a Tokyopop event at the time and because I won the cosplay I won 5 books, I then also won the art competition in 3rd place the same night and got another book and a t-shirt. That was a good night =)

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SparklingMinx - Meryl Silverburgh - 6th May 2013

Postponing I'm Afraid

Less than 3 weeks to go to the London MCM and I may have to postpone the Meryl and Johnny costumes, there's no way I can get them both finished in time. I will either have to go as a nearly (nearly being I'm halfway through but nearly makes me feel better) finished Meryl and Johnny costumes or postpone them until October. I had a feeling that it was gonna be hard trying to do Johnny and Meryl in 2 months =/


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