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Muten (Master) Roshi
Dragon Ball

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Staley-StuffMuten (Master) Roshi25 September, 2012 - 22:53
The reaction in the room when you were announced third in the competition was hilarios! Communal 'huh?' Priceless, I think everyone expected you to win
Mr. Sat-AshMuten (Master) Roshi21 September, 2012 - 12:18
Oh. Freaking. Yes. Mr. Satan must get-together somehow, with this Muten Roushi.
NomesMuten (Master) Roshi18 September, 2012 - 20:44
So much win! I must invite you to join our DBZ coslay group on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/236719036384541/?ref=ts
otakugirlMuten (Master) Roshi17 September, 2012 - 22:29
this is soooo amazing i love this so much

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