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1000014Badou Nails27 September, 2013 - 21:36
Wahey! not enough Badou love on here.
DarkheartGenesis Rhapsodos15 April, 2013 - 22:10
i remmber this was the cosplay you were wearing when we first met lol
WhiteWraithGlen Baskerville25 February, 2012 - 20:04
Wow! You make an amazing Glen! I love your outfit :)
Marisa-ChanSpirit (Death Scythe)11 December, 2011 - 15:51
I love Spirit <3 I did Maka for the last expo :D
BladeyCakesRemus Lupin23 July, 2011 - 23:23
Hey, Moony. Moony. Moony... OLD MAN REMUS, AIN'T WHAT HE USED TO BE, AIN'T WHAT HE USED TO BE, AIN'T WHAT HE USED TO- *brick'd* Not that OLD MAN REMUS matters, as you're still nice and young and LIMBER >;D ...though you act like an old man, sometimes. Siriusly, mate, what's with the cardigans? >__> He's kidding. He thinks they look so very adorable on Remus. Which they do. I CAN VOUCH FOR THAT. BECAUSE I'VE SEEN MAH DIDDY, ADORABLE REMUS IN A DIDDY ADORABLE CARDIGAN AND IT SUITED HIM SO VERY WELL <3333 *huggles you, and lets Sirius tackle Remus* <3 HE'D BETTER SIT WELL WITH YOU. FOR YOU SIMPLY BECOME REMUS. Just... HEEEE! I'm so proud and lucky that I'm able to cosplay Padfoot alongside such an amazing Moony! MARAUDERS FTW. We totally pwn the new trio, with our hip 70's music and overtly-British ways~ ;D Seriously. SIRIUSLY. The LOVE. MY DEAR. THE LOVE YOU'RE GETTING FOR DOING THIS. WITH MOI. You fuel my love of Harry Potter by allowing me to flail and spack and act like an obsessive fangirl, and for allowing me to constantly unleash my Sirius muse upon you xD *tickle* I owe you a much better comment than this, but I will simply say: SO MUCH LOVE! MISCHEIF MANAGED!! <3 *rolls* xxx
SolariaXerxes Break5 July, 2011 - 18:58
You and your one eyed cosplays 8D you looked amazinggggg and as Glen <33333 Was lovely meeting you properly at Japex <3
EmzoneGlen Baskerville5 July, 2011 - 18:20
This was stunning to see in person Not to mention getting lost in your coat for 10 hours ;D <3
FullMetal-007Ayanami13 June, 2011 - 18:22
Trully looking forward to this =D love 07 Ghost and have never seen cosplayers for it either. epicness =3
BladeyCakesAnthony J. Crowley10 April, 2011 - 19:39
OH MY DEAR G- ... JE- ... DUCK. *_______________* FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF- *flops, nosebleeds and rolls around the house in an utter mess of spackery and epic and fangirl and faggy-angel-ness and...* Yes. A thousand times, yes. ...I mean... >////> Ahem... yes? Wait, no! I meant n- yes! NO D/8 ...okay. Your utter SMEX APPEAL has utterly confused the poor Azira-fag. Thank you... seriously. You epic thing you <3 SO DAMN SMEXY *A* DEAR. LORDY. /UPSTAIRS/. NOM! NOMNOMNOMNOM *nibbles you, the angel way* I just... okay. This /is not/ at all because you said the same to me, but this is just... YES. This is exactly how I imagine Crowley would look. Just... its like you peeked around inside my brain and based the cosplay entirely upon that *w* You wonderous thing you... just... UNF. DEM SUNGLASSES. DEM EARCUFFS >8D *tickles you and licks them* And the shirt and tie work so well together! AND /DAT/ LEATHER COAT. Ohgodthesmexy... <33333333 *drool* I'mma... go... you know... try and control Azirafag... and myself... *A* because dammit /I/ want to nom you so much too xD *fangirl spack* LOVE YOU SO MUCH MAH CROWLEY. ALL MINE!! <3 xxx P.S. ...yes.
Pandora-ChiXerxes Break3 April, 2011 - 21:38
Wow! You make such an amazing Xerxes!
InfiniteJesterXerxes Break3 April, 2011 - 19:47
BladeyCakesXerxes Break1 April, 2011 - 00:33
OMFG. IT'S XERXES BREAK!!!! 8DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD *falls, backwards, and completely straightly, off a chair...the Liam way* My biscuit. My lovely cosplay partner and my WONDERFUL Xerxes Break... you know how tired I am right now. You know I CAN do a better comment than this, but HEY. I can try my best at least... now. YOU. Dear Lordy and Jun, YOU. You're gonna be so unfy and grumpy and emo and adorabibble andandandand EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! 8DDDD Early-Rainsworth nom!! I so CANNOT WAIT to do these versions~!! Just... ;A; ...wantplz.WANTWANTWANTWANT. *clings to your legs...DEM BREAK LEGS* ...I mean... EAT MORE HEALTHILY AND STOP POKING YOUR EYE, XERXES BREAK!! D8< ... *grumpy-huff-flusters, and throws fruit at you* I love you. And you are going to look so very, very amazing. <3 My wonderful Xerx... So looking foreward to this!! <3 Love youuuu~ xxx
BladeyCakesXerxes Break25 March, 2011 - 00:20
MISTER LIAM SAYS NOM. FOR HE IS TIRED AND HAS NO SELF CONTROL AND DAT. /DAT/ RIGHT THERE JUST TIPPED THE SCALE *A* Dear. God. My. Partner. In. Crime. Dat shirt. Dat cravat... DAT BREAK >8D *jumps* ...I mean... >.> ... <.< ...ahem... I APPROVE. SO FEKKING HARD. LikeLiamisrightno- *brick'd...or book'd, since its Liam* And oh. Your Liam will have no trouble helping get Break up. Nuh-uh ;D ... *dodges another book* xD SO CANT WAIT. SO CLOSE. SO VERY CLOSE!!! LOVE YOU <3 xxx
BladeyCakesGlen Baskerville23 February, 2011 - 20:14
MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY ALL YOUR BASKERVILLES BURN!! >8DDD M-May... May Expo. That's what I was meaning to say. Yes. Mmmhmm... >.> *cough* Cannot wait! MAY EXPO 8D MAYMAYMAYMAYMAY! Hope we can get them done, and that the weather isnt evil andandandand... Iloveyou,myGlen. My smexy Glen! <3 Cant wait to do these two! Wheeeeee~ xxx
BladeyCakesAnthony J. Crowley9 February, 2011 - 21:31
Dear, you really shouldn't sell yourself by telling people about how you... um... oh blast, how do I put it...? Um...started batting for the other team? Is that the right phrase...? OHAI MAH LOVELY CRAWLEY 8DDDD ...Crowley. I meant Crowley. I SO meant Crowley. Ahem... SO MUCH LOVE TO DIS BOOK. AND /DESE CHARACTERS/. *A* Unfunfunf. I just CANNOT WAIT to see your Crowley, my dear and wonderful cosplay-partner. Because I'm so sure he's going to be so nommy and sexy and awesome and UNF-worthy >8D <3 *wiggle of approval* (I'mproudtohavehelpedgetyouintothis.SOPROUD. *man-tear*) ...and yet more abuse from you. Yay! 8P It's Azira/phale/. Please get it right, dear... xD Oh, these two~ So fun to act out <3 So cant wait to see this all together~ Test shots, plz! <3 Its gonna be so smexy my lovely! Better than TARTAN... EvenAzira-fagadmitsit >//> ... 8D GAIMAN NOM. PRATCHETT NOM. SO MUCH NOOOMMMMM! <333333 *rolls* Love you so much!
BladeyCakesXerxes Break6 February, 2011 - 19:13
I promised that when you posted pics of this, you'd get a much better, spackier comment... whilst the spacky part might fail (to an extent, because you must still know how very SPACK-TASTIC this cosplay makes me whenever I see it <3) I hope you appreciate all the love that this comment will throw at you and inner!Break <3 Thank you, so much, for letting me cosplay with you, alongside such an amazing cosplay - you'll punt me, but I really dont feel like I deserve it - I mean, look at you. DIS XERXES BREAK *A* Unf, my partner in crime, UNF. Best Break I could ever ask for, or could ever want <33 You pull him off so very perfectly and I squeal with joy inside whenever you wear him because you really do just /become/ him... and its an amazing thing to share in and be witness to <3 And... we all know how Liam feels. We ALL know. *pokes him* But you, my Xerx, really just...make my inner!Liam so freakin happy. <3 Thank you again, for doing this so wonderfully. For being my Xerxes Break, and my cosplay partner. Never stop being this awesome, alright? Love you <333 xxx
Clover-tanGenesis Rhapsodos5 January, 2011 - 15:43
Genesis~! <3 *kidnaps* ;D
BladeyCakesXerxes Break5 December, 2010 - 22:58
FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF- PROGRESSPROGRESSPROGRESS NOOOOOOOOM. *eats Break, the LIAM-way* <333 ...ahem. Obviously, this news of progress pleases me. Good day to you, sir. *tips hat and rolls off* ;D xxx
FuriePhoenixDean Winchester5 December, 2010 - 19:10
I've seen a couple of pctures of your Dean from your friends Cas and Sam pictures. You look great! You guys have made me want to make season 2 Ruby even more now!
InfiniteJesterXerxes Break15 September, 2010 - 12:54
aww i love these variants, so prettyyy!

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