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SakuraWingsRinoa Heartilly15 August, 2011 - 15:16
Aww thanks! :) I will upload my photos eventually. I saw you in the masquerade too! You were awesome! It must've been very warm wearing the cape when they sent us outside to queue up! I nearly melted!
NewdlesRinoa Heartilly31 July, 2011 - 22:13
You looked amazing :-) I'm sure my dad will have taken one of you (I was Emma Frost). I shall chase this photo issue - you must have some cos you looked so badass!
PapercutPerfectRinoa Heartilly8 May, 2011 - 11:38
Looking forward to this! 8D
BabemRozeRinoa Heartilly27 April, 2011 - 06:42
Yay! The world needs more Rinoas! <3
FusionRoseRinoa Heartilly26 April, 2011 - 22:39
That fabric is gorgeous, can't wait to see more progress x.
SakuraWingsRinoa Heartilly19 April, 2011 - 21:35
I'm so looking forward to it! I'll be looking out for all other FF characters at the expo - be warned! XD
J-PoRinoa Heartilly19 April, 2011 - 19:22
rinoa is deff a fun cosplay to do :D woot for sassy girls :D

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