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Vanessa (Ursula human form)
The Little Mermaid
Mashiro Kuna (Lieutenant 9th Division uniform )
Franziska Von Karma
Phoenix Wright: Justice For All

Recently Received Comments

InfiniteJesterVanessa16 May, 2015 - 21:02
This looks spot on! You really suit her!
FishyfinsDeath9 September, 2013 - 00:06
Yessssss! More Sandman cosplay is needed!
KoujiRoad Kamelot14 June, 2013 - 00:31
you're an awesome road~~ <33!
NumtaHope Summers15 February, 2013 - 10:38
looking forward to seeing this ^_^
yuubaluGrave of Maria5 November, 2012 - 12:54
This looks amazing, well done :)
nanaharaGrave of Maria11 September, 2012 - 06:27
brillinat choice, I look forward to seeing this
nanaharaHope Summers14 March, 2012 - 09:38
this will be brilliant to see ^^
AvoxVriska Serket20 December, 2011 - 23:20
I got a picture of you! ;) You looked great - definitely the best Vriska I've seen! :) Will you be Homestucking again in May? :DD
-Vriska Serket2 November, 2011 - 00:58
Ah i remember you! You where so sweet, but don't worry about it, Rose didn't take it the wrong way or misheard you, i think she just didn't know what to do. So don't worry your little head about it . Btw you looked amazing as Vriska <3
colacat24Vriska Serket22 October, 2011 - 12:10
Eeek so scary! :'D
colacat24Vriska Serket15 September, 2011 - 20:03
@RevenantPunk Oh that soungs great thank you! :'D
colacat24Vriska Serket14 September, 2011 - 19:38
My friends and I are also planning on homestuck cosplaying :'D do you think we could all gather somewhere for some photos and a chillax?
FusionRoseSally9 September, 2011 - 23:44
Stunning! x.
FairyPorchQueenSally9 September, 2011 - 21:37
-Vriska Serket9 September, 2011 - 19:23
I can't wait to see this in person <3
ToroSonyCatVriska Serket9 September, 2011 - 18:51
Oooh, looks great so far! You suit Vriska well :D
caligulasAquariumVriska Serket5 September, 2011 - 13:23
Hell yes 8D
VersipellisVriska Serket5 September, 2011 - 13:20
Ohai spider8itch ;D Good to see more cosplayers!
-Vriska Serket2 September, 2011 - 17:21
Yay more homestuck cosplay! I'll be cosplaying Kanaya for Oct, i hope to see you there.
ToroSonyCatVriska Serket24 June, 2011 - 17:40
Yay, another Homestuck cosplayer! Vriska! :D

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