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I've not made or bought a cosplay for a very long time, actually the last one I made was the Hisagi Shuuhei one. I'm giving my profile here a bit of an update, I'm also scrapping all of the non-completed cosplays, ad will start fresh.

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Ransi - Armourer - 8th April 2014

Some progress

I realise I've fallen off the radar with this one. So, just a quick update on progress really.

Between when I decided that I'd work on this up until about two weeks ago, I hadn't actually worked on it, the UDK (Unreal Development Kit) took a lot of my attention.

However, over the last couple of weekends, I did some more work on the shirt part of this cosplay. So far, I've got the base of it done (sans collar and cuffs).

All that's left to do on the shirt is the collar, cuffs, panelling and other little bits and pieces. I have no image yet, but, I probably won't show the shirt until it's complete :)


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