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First started cosplaying in 2008 when I attended MCM Expo for the first time as Light Yagami from Death Note.
Always been interested in costuming in general.
Only pleased with 2 cosplays I've ever done; Castiel and my fursona's fursuit.
Hoping to one day become good enough to make some awesome stuff (Goals in cosplay are to create an accurate quad fursuit of The Lion King's Scar)

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Posscat - Bunnymund - 16th September 2013

Head done!

Now the heads done it's just a matter of finishing the legs (which only need a few more bits of sewing), the body (which I will make the pattern for tomorrow and get the fur for on friday) then sew it all together and airbrush it!... In a few weeks... Yeah.

I'm gonna shit a brick if I finish this on time


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