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Cosplay groups I'd like to do:
* 2000AD/Judge Dredd
* Monster High
* Monkey/Saiyuki (1970s TV version)
* Oban Star Racers

I used to go to anime conventions in the early 1990s, back when Ayacon had single digit masquerade entries! I went to all the workshops on cosplay, and researched costumes, but my skills were not up to it. I stopped going to cons when my interest in anime (and fandom) waned.

In 2010 my girlfriend and her mates introduced my to Axis Powers Hetalia, and when I was good and hooked they told me they were all going to cosplay from the show. When they pestered me into joining them, I jokingly suggested going as Belarus. They thought this was awesome and supported me all the way.

As a result I finally learned how to use my sewing machine, and with assistance from my GF and my mum, I made the costume in my gallery.

These days I'm mainly focusing on Western characters. Particularly interesting crossplays, and amusingly cheesy characters. Although I don't have any cosplays actively in progress right now

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PandoraCaitiff - Rose Quartz - 17th May 2015

Cutting and sewing

I hate scalloped edges! I spent most of the day cutting and hemming the bottom edge of the middle two dress layers!

Three layers of the skirt are now done, ready to be sewed together and the waist elasticated. After that it will be time to sort out the top-most bandeau layer, and fake the open belly star.

I may end up making the gemstone from acetate sheeting, cut and folded.


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