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* Started sewing and cosplaying late 2009
* MCM masquerade parade (2011 joint award) winner 0_0
* Strive to make most parts of my cosplays as possible
* Quite picky with detail = longer time to finish cosplays = added costs DX
* 2 skit awards from Minamicon

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Pandora-Chi - Marth - 4th April 2014


Whoops! only just realised I never uploaded a journal entry about the shirt ^^;; my bad... time to make up for loss time ;D

For a start, drafting the shirt was a pain in the arse as I had to take in the bust size quite a bit cos the pattern had waaay bigger measurements from my own and further complications were added when I had to figure out how to fasten the damn thing baring in mind of the gold binding on the shirt. I somehow came up with the solution to sew in an open ended zip and bondaweb strips of PVC. This took much precision and time ¬.¬

As for the swirly details on the shirt, I didn't feel right painting it so I chose to embroider it all (This pattern continued from one side of the shirt across the back and to the other) May have sounded tedious but after embroidering over 4ms of stencils and using over 29 skeins from when I did Rapunzel, the design on Marth's shirt was quick only using 9 lots of thread( from what I can remember?) XD Kinda regretted I didn't use a more visible blue colour but I'm not prepared to make the shirt all over again X<

After all those bits were constructed and shirt lined etc. the 'chain' detailing on top of the gold PVC was left to do. After doing a small fabric test, I achieved this by using bondaweb and spandex (since I didn't have access to a different gold PVC colour).
After drawing out a stencil, I painstakingly sat there to cut out all those tiny holes and finally ironed it all into place. In the end I was quite pleased with what I made :D


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