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Recently Received Comments

nanaharaYusuke Kitagawa11 June, 2017 - 10:10
brilliantly done as always, the cosplay looks really well made and you pull it off perfectly
yami-no-nekoKonzen Douji1 August, 2016 - 18:12
your konzen was so cool XD
CarminaBlaine Debeers16 May, 2016 - 19:41
Awesome- love this show, so its nice to see some cosplays of it. Make-up looks great!
brigade-chiefMax Galactica7 March, 2016 - 21:49
Omggg love the group photos, everyone looks awesome!!
ShadowofShinraMax Galactica22 January, 2016 - 19:41
I've said it before and I'll say it again, this looks epic!
StormeMax Galactica20 January, 2016 - 19:10
Looking incredible! Can't wait to see this at Minami. :)
MadlyScientificMax Galactica24 December, 2015 - 19:34
Yasssss this looks incredible so far!
brigade-chiefMax Galactica24 December, 2015 - 13:21
Yesssssss I love this so far!!! :D :D
InfiniteJesterMax Galactica15 December, 2015 - 20:22
This is looking so fabulous!
brigade-chiefMax Galactica26 November, 2015 - 23:40
Yesss, this will be epic.
InfiniteJesterAlphonse Elric v.129 August, 2015 - 22:04
This is looking awesome so far already!
Lelouch vi Britannia31 July, 2015 - 21:20
Congratulations on showcase, your cosplay is fabulous and well made as always, well done Nes! :D
TheStarlightFairyLelouch vi Britannia27 July, 2015 - 19:10
Congratulations on a well deserved showcase <3
ManticoreLelouch vi Britannia27 July, 2015 - 13:36
Well Played! Well done! Fantastically put together and shot! <33
InfiniteJesterLelouch vi Britannia24 July, 2015 - 22:48
This looks awesome <3 Can't wait to see!
Siouxsie JamesLelouch vi Britannia19 July, 2015 - 13:55
Amazing costume ;___;
KyuipoLelouch vi Britannia18 May, 2015 - 21:51
Whoa this looks amazing!!!
Lt_BruceArnold Rimmer31 March, 2015 - 15:25
Thank you very much, I really appreciate it! I will PM if I need any help. Thank you this is very helpful of you. There doesn't seem to be anything on eBay at the moment but I have a lot of time. :-)
Lt_BruceArnold Rimmer30 March, 2015 - 10:53
Excellent cosplay! I just so happen to be doing this some time in November. So if you don't mind my asking; where did you get the dress? Or if you made it where were the materials supplied from. Thanks
RebaSephiroth2Alphonse Elric v.129 March, 2015 - 17:38
The head is amazing. ^_______^

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