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EmzonePeriwinkle28 March, 2014 - 19:57
Can't wait to see the photos <3 The progress on fb looked gorgeous :D
HarryKurtMakise Kurisu28 February, 2014 - 20:17
The wig really suits you! :)
Panda123Nagisa Hazuki29 August, 2013 - 19:29
@NatalieNoodles Thank you! I agree with you about the wig, I don't want one too blond for Nagisa haha! I'm sorry you didn't get to go to Aya :( There was a Free! group but I missed them. I did see a Rei, Haruka and Rin though. Good luck with your disco ending outfit and enjoy the London expo :D
FreyaruleNagisa Hazuki28 August, 2013 - 11:27
I'll keep an eye out for you on the Friday, I'm wearing Gou! :D
Panda123Nagisa Hazuki27 August, 2013 - 18:53
I love Free! and can't believe I missed your Nagisa cosplay at Aya - it's amazing!!! May I ask where you found that awesome wig? I hope you get to complete the disco (ending) version, I'm in the planning stages for that one :)
soibroHaruka Nanase26 August, 2013 - 11:53
HarryKurtArmin17 August, 2013 - 21:36
Hahah! This is perfect! I'm so glad that you went ahead and did this one :D
soibroArmin15 August, 2013 - 08:23
KiraraYumiLinneus11 August, 2013 - 19:11
You looked so awesome as Linneus~!
BladeyCakesNagisa Hazuki10 August, 2013 - 09:56
Ooh! Me and my friends are doing those versions on Saturday late afternoon/early evening! I hope we run into each other ;w; <3 (I think we're actually lacking a Nagisa? x'D not sure lol)
BladeyCakesNagisa Hazuki9 August, 2013 - 21:58
;w; you're adorbs as Nagisa!! Are you considering wearing him to any other events after Aya? (Rei cosplayer here xD <3)
WhiteWraithNagisa Hazuki7 July, 2013 - 19:47
Looks great :D
gaming_goddessYasuho Hirose11 June, 2013 - 01:37
Yes! I love Jojo's so much :) Great to see someone doing a Yasuho :D
FlyingMammalNagisa Hazuki9 June, 2013 - 18:16
*looks up character* WOW! that's incredible!
FlyingMammalMorgiana9 June, 2013 - 18:09
awwwwww, wow. :) such nice photos

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