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Ikusa Gami / Demon Chaos
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Raidou Kuzunoha
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner
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RyuugaRaidou Kuzunoha30 March, 2010 - 22:09
Epic, nice to see SMT cosplayers around. Never played Devil Summoner myself, though. Can't wait to see it :3
CGOPbleachbabeMain Character/Souji Seta21 November, 2009 - 22:11
Can't wait to see pics <3 Persona Series tis so amazing
sarmanderKuma (AKA Teddie)12 June, 2009 - 21:14
WAII Teddie! How unBEARably cute! And you're going to do his actualy bear suit? Wow! I'm so jealous! Can't wait to see the prgress pictures. ^_^
FreyaruleApollo Justice3 June, 2009 - 21:08
Yay Polly! 8D
HystericalDameAmaterasu3 March, 2009 - 21:52
Glad to see that Okami costumes are finally on the rise =D I'm going to London Expo as Oki

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