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MikadoMedusa1 June, 2011 - 00:31
like the pic with crono looks like medusas sitting on him
SockFishAkiyama Mio20 May, 2011 - 11:35
Mioooooo!!! Baww Tash you look SO cute in that wig TTwTT♥ I can't wait for this group srsly~~ (*adds you as a friend* Y DID I NOT KNOW U WERE HERE?!)
NewdlesAlice20 May, 2011 - 10:08
Great costume! The wig is fab and I love those boots! :-)
Ikkaku-kunLotti Baskerville20 May, 2011 - 10:06
NewdlesAlois Trancy20 May, 2011 - 10:06
Looks awesome! And it's nice to have change :-P
SilverSheikVincent Nightray7 August, 2010 - 20:28
Yaaaay Vincent \o/ :D I've been considering doing Eliot on/off for a whiles now, and If Steph decides to Gil...we could be like...Nightray Brothers trio! \o/ Dunno when like o-o But yush! Vincent shall be awesomeeee >w< *squee*
SilverSheikAlois Trancy7 August, 2010 - 20:21
Tasha's messed logic ftw! \o/ Cant wait to see this, the boots you got look perfect *o* You'll be a perfectly creepeh Alois >:3 >w< ~<3
SilverSheikYurippe7 August, 2010 - 20:19
*pokes* Why aren't you in class? *flees because guardskill doesnt exist irl* XD <33 ^-^ The wig looks so bootiful on you, cant wait to see it alll *o*
SilverSheikLotti Baskerville7 August, 2010 - 20:15
Uwaaah *o* You is gonna look so awesomeee <3 :D Yaaay >w<
rocksanieAlois Trancy14 July, 2010 - 20:19
Can't wait to see this Tash 8D Don't worry about cosplaying shota's~~ :D
rocksanieAlice14 July, 2010 - 20:18
Tash~~~~~~~~~~ 8D It was so lovely seeing you at May expo, I know I said it already 8D But I can say it again 8D Your an awesome Tash~~<3 So nice to see you again 8D
EmzoneLotti Baskerville14 July, 2010 - 14:44
Looking awesome 8D You look like you'll really suit her =D You don't have to listen to this - but with your eyebrows if you've used the glue then painting over technique maybe mixing a bit more red into the shade - just so it matches your wig a bit more? Right now it's popping out a bit to much But other than that this is looking brilliant =D
rocksanieAlice9 May, 2010 - 17:17
Saw some photos and you look amazing neko!Alice!Tash :D <3
ZeldaAlice9 January, 2010 - 02:01
I can't wait to see this in may ^^
dottymcslottyAlice15 November, 2009 - 20:12
Heya! Cant wait to see you as Alice! We have a pandora hearts group planned for the Sunday, if you would like to come and hang or take pics of us all :D Good luck with your costume!

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