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Recently Received Comments

LittlegeekyYoosung Kim29 December, 2016 - 18:40
You are such a cute Yoosung!
Mighty OdangoPrincess Serenity28 September, 2016 - 18:09
Really stunning work - all that trouble was definitely worth it
Siouxsie JamesPrincess Serenity25 September, 2016 - 15:07
Grats on the showcase of this beautiful costume:)
Shinigami_kyPrincess Serenity20 September, 2016 - 12:45
aaah! Congrats on the showcase pretty friend!
MoonchildGenji Shimada13 September, 2016 - 14:41
<3 <3 <3
foolishjackdawLink2 September, 2016 - 11:36
Your wig is just perfect! It must have taken a lot of work to keep it looking that good throughout the day @_@
MoonchildRuby16 August, 2016 - 17:03
Although i know you didn't feel great in this i still think you looked hella!
MoonchildTracer16 August, 2016 - 17:02
Yasss <3
MoonchildPrincess Serenity16 August, 2016 - 16:59
You looked so beautiful in this <3 Still hella proud of you, the beading is so gorgeous. Perfect fabric choices & the wig was spot on!!
CrystalNekoPrincess Serenity14 August, 2016 - 19:25
This is just so pretty, I love the wig so so much too! Looking forward to more photos, I'm excited to see how the dress drapes!
SuperZeldaGirlLink10 April, 2016 - 15:25
Cool look forward to see this finished. Will you be going to the Zelda meet on the Sunday?
MoonchildSakura Kinomoto10 April, 2016 - 14:45
Can't put into words who beautiful you looked! <3
CharlieDoryRoseSakura Kinomoto10 April, 2016 - 11:43
*gasp* beautiful!!
x-Blade-xSakura Kinomoto9 April, 2016 - 17:49
you were so cute and poofy and perfect <3 ;A;
Ashy-kunSakura Kinomoto9 April, 2016 - 00:21
Squee-worthy cute cosplay.
Siouxsie JamesSakura Kinomoto7 April, 2016 - 08:50
Beautifully done :) you look adorable!
x-Blade-xKaidan Alenko7 March, 2016 - 08:09
What a precious canadian bab <3 all my approval to this perfect Kaidan tho~~ C:
FreyaruleToulouse21 January, 2016 - 22:26
brrrooottherrrr <3
dan-danPhilip J Fry17 December, 2015 - 22:13
This is amazing, you all look amazing
cowieePhilip J Fry16 December, 2015 - 05:14
oh my goodness this is great! Nicely done!

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