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Recently Received Comments

Amy-LouPenguin11 July, 2012 - 16:26
Very cool Penguin!
FablesHenchman 2129 March, 2012 - 16:18
I'm am so excited for this, and your group! Many pics will be taken <3
PaperTigerHaasp the Hunter5 March, 2012 - 08:44
hay, sorry to spam and I dunno if you're planning on doing this costume (which is epic btw!!!) to May expo but there's a Batman/DC meet up on Saturday and it'd be awesome if you could come?? http://www.cosplayisland.co.uk/forum?c=showthread&ThreadID=7143 if you know anyone else that might be going that'd be interested please direct them to the forum post. Thanks!
WyrdsisterProfessor Pyg2 November, 2011 - 00:53
loved your Pyg...and that mask!
WyrdsisterPenguin27 September, 2011 - 00:28
Great cosy Mollins, Love the Kapow shots!
DEVILFISHProfessor Pyg26 September, 2011 - 20:20
DUUUUDEEE DO THE MASK :D I WANNNNAAA SEEEE DX looking great! cant wait to see at expo =D :P
callmemiloProfessor Pyg24 September, 2011 - 18:40
Aks100Penguin23 September, 2011 - 21:54
this is an incredible Penguin costume. I think you look fantastic :)
Bambi.Ursula23 September, 2011 - 21:22
All kinds of YES! xD
ElapsedSpiralProfessor Pyg22 September, 2011 - 22:06
Oh, I hope I see this at MCM! I've just finished reading Batman Reborn and I really dug Pyg too. Very freaky! Should be fun! :D
DrunkleyCPPenguin22 September, 2011 - 09:24
YAY for Pingu!
FablesHaasp the Hunter21 September, 2011 - 16:33
I loved thisss! You looked so great!
nanaharaHaasp the Hunter21 September, 2011 - 16:30
I remember seeing this cosplay at expo, you looked AWSOME XD
Captain_MarvelousHaasp the Hunter21 September, 2011 - 15:27
Hey David! when did you get here! loved seeing this in person!
EloraborealisPenguin21 September, 2011 - 12:45
Your Penguin is superb, he is definately the best Batman villain! XD
EllePenguin21 September, 2011 - 09:25
i log out and then log in again to say, your costume is cool and cool.
EllePenguin21 September, 2011 - 08:36
see the last photo. where are you? its amazing.
j_mercuryukPenguin21 September, 2011 - 04:59
This is epically awesome. You definitely looks like you've gone the whole 9 yards with this and it's paid off
cowieePenguin21 September, 2011 - 03:21
omg no way, this is amazing!!

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