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brigade-chiefVolcarona24 October, 2014 - 17:21
WOW this is incredible!! Hope I get to see you at Expo, you look amazing!
MothfoxCradily26 May, 2014 - 14:45
fantastic :D love the cradily headpiece!
ItRhymesWithAlayneCradily18 May, 2014 - 21:50
What a gorgeous gijinka design! Love the headpiece especially
MiatheRabbitCradily27 April, 2014 - 15:06
Thank you ^^
brigade-chiefCradily27 April, 2014 - 13:40
Wow! All of your Gijinkas are just incredible!
Lady-AiraCradily11 April, 2014 - 15:14
Love the headwear Vicky :D Tis looking ace! :D
foolishjackdawVolcarona17 February, 2014 - 19:03
Your costume is fantastic! I'm sad I didn't see you at the con, I love Volcarona :)
magigreenMaster Sha-Fu27 April, 2013 - 09:31
oh my god. this is epic
cowieeGiratina14 March, 2013 - 14:22
omg this is awesome!
raven4000Kuro23 February, 2013 - 15:38
MiatheRabbitMaster Sha-Fu12 January, 2013 - 09:50
I'll see how I feel after Blackie is done xD
ShazyMaster Sha-Fu3 January, 2013 - 20:05
This better happen XD
LittlePidgey4Lapras5 November, 2012 - 15:36
This is great - I love the headpiece!
ShazyKuro30 October, 2012 - 22:30
Blackie Catgirl!? No way, cannot wait to see
ShazyLord of Lake8 July, 2012 - 18:29
Oh you put it back up. Yaaaay~~
ShazyLapras8 July, 2012 - 18:19
This is gonna be so sexy
Lia-ChanYumigami (Rabbit)15 February, 2012 - 11:42
Hey! It's nice to see another Yumigami in the making. Can't wait to see full pictures~ Also, could I ask you how you made the hammer? I'm having difficulty working out how to do it. I can get as far as the handle, and then I'm stuck XD Thanks (:
minato_harunaYumigami (Rabbit)3 February, 2012 - 12:52
This looks awesome I love your design ^^
otakugirlYumigami (Rabbit)10 January, 2012 - 15:53
This design is so cute
MiatheRabbitYumigami (Rabbit)10 January, 2012 - 14:01
Probably cos he'll ride on the ox's head xD

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