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Got started when i started to attend MCM Expos... my first costume was the 10th Doctor (Doctor Who), from there i progressed onto Walter Dornez (Hellsing), but for next year I chose 2 quite ambitious projects, Alucard (Hellsing) and Jareth (Goblin King from Labyrinth), both of which are going to take a lot of time to get right, so I'm thankful of the 6 months i've got to perfect the costumes :D

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Methos - Jareth - 22nd November 2012

Jareth's pants...

Ok, after careful considoration, and testing both high waist black trousers and velvet black leggings, i've decided that the leggings are the best match for the costume...

Not only are they more character accurate for the rest of the movie, but they actually work better with the overall look of the outfit so far, with the plain black pants looking slightly odd against the lush material of the jacket and the shirt...



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