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Recently Received Comments

brigade-chiefEspeon19 May, 2015 - 16:07
Aww this is really cute! Love it :D
HarryKurtKagura Sohma26 September, 2014 - 18:25
This is wonderful! :)
SamanthaKaibaKagura Sohma26 September, 2014 - 16:48
love the new photos...^_^
Mermaid2loveAriel27 November, 2013 - 08:31
have you joined? ”The Little Mermaid Cosplayers” group on Facebook ? please join in the swim
SamanthaKaibaMisty10 August, 2013 - 10:49
love the pictures
TsuchinokoRose Dewitt Bukater9 August, 2013 - 18:48
I love the purples and the pink, they're very harmonious colours and looks lovely ^^
J-PoMisty9 August, 2013 - 11:35
cute :)
rosierooMad Hatter6 July, 2013 - 10:02
omg alice in wonderland yay love your design i recently finished mine but it was steampunk for my school prom , looking forward to seeing more progress
TsuchinokoMisty22 June, 2013 - 12:15
Looks good to me, good luck finding the wig =)
SamanthaKaibaMisty22 June, 2013 - 11:38
Loving this! You look fantastic ^_^
SamanthaKaibaBaby Doll27 October, 2012 - 15:49
You all look fantastic....great job ^_^
SamanthaKaibaHaruhi Fujioka29 July, 2012 - 21:05
I had no idea that you did this...I love the base dress of this...^_^ thinking about cosplaying that ^_^ you look great
Lady-AiraKyogre25 September, 2011 - 13:11
Hewoooo! ^^ Can't wait to see this costume :D If you're interested, me and some friends are doing a legendary pokemon meet on the saturday :D We'd lvoe to see your kyogre :D
Hannah-KiwiiShion Sonozaki5 September, 2011 - 19:59
You make the perfect Shion, this costume really suits you!
TheStarlightFairyMitsuki Koyama31 July, 2011 - 20:45
This is adorable! Would love to see it being worn someday ^^ Seeing a good Full Moon cosplay makes me really happy (it's my favourite series). The fabric and construction are spot on! Well done!
mystacinaKyogre19 July, 2011 - 18:17
Kyogre is an awesome pokemon :) looking forward to seeing it finished!
SamanthaKaibaKyogre5 July, 2011 - 16:55
you will look amazing cant wait to see this
magsulRose Dewitt Bukater28 June, 2011 - 22:19
I'm really liking it. ^_^
SamanthaKaibaRose Dewitt Bukater17 June, 2011 - 21:17
thats a beautiful picture...and you don't look big you look amazing
SamanthaKaibaRose Dewitt Bukater24 May, 2011 - 17:43
Love this...looks amazing...beautiful dress

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