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Imp Midna (debuted at MCM Expo October 2014) (but cosplayed as her for the first time back at a Video Game Live concert in 2007. Of course it's been improved on a lot) Worn again at the Symphony of the Goddesses concert on 17th April 2015 in London.
Eruka Frog from Soul Eater (2010). haven't worn that costume in years.
Lumpy Space Princess (debuted at MCM Expo May 2012; a "Winter version" was worn the following October)
Poe (debuted at MCM Expo October 2011. Worn at the Symphony of the Goddesses concert in 2013)
Maya the Siren (debuted at MCM Expo May 2015)
Athena the Gladiator (debuted at MCM Comic Con October 2015)

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LittleMissNayru - Maya the Siren - 6th June 2015

For next time

So really frigging proud of this costume and I'm surprised that none of the paint on the leotard flaked off so huzzah (if any cracks would appear, I'd call it a feature/detail)
The hand paint was easy enough to do but I had to re-apply it 3 times at con (I blame the heat). I could've used body paint but I've already stated my reasons why in the progression journals.
Anyway, I do want to make some edits in time for October.

To improve the costume:
More detailing; add highlights to everything (and add more shadow onto the trousers)
Fix any peeling areas; the shoes.

And stuff that aren't edits:
(attempt to) make a leotard from scratch; because I fancy another sewing project this summer. I know roughly how big each section on the pattern is so it shouldn't be too complicated; I'll be using the existing leotard as a guide.
Make the phaselock ball (there was going to be one made out of fibreglass but didn't get around to sanding it. I'm going to continue with that one and see if it works out).
Get grey contacts (I feel the eyes need to pop out more; in some photos you can't even see my eyes because of the makeup). This will be my first time with them and if they go well I might consider getting some red ones for Midna (for whenever I cosplay as her next)
IFFFFFF there's time, make a grenade mod (maybe one that can be used for my next cosplay; yeah it's Borderlands related~!)


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