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I've been involved in the cosplay community since 2009 and I started looking at cosplay when my friend suggested cosplaying at the London MCM Expo, May that year. My first complete cosplay was Original version of Miku Hatsune.

My first proudest moment is when me and my friend got shortlisted in the Neo magazine competition with Miku Hatsune, original form. Second being when our Amulets from Shugo Chara got picked to go into the Cosplay Fever RED book, and my third proudest moment was when I got ask to become an official Blazblue cosplayer for the day @ Bunkasai and the HMV Gamerbase event to promote Continuum Shift 2. I got my Taokaka costume signed by the designers of the game.

At present I have reduced the costumes that I make for myself, as my attention has moved to helping others make the most out of their cosplay experiences. I've moved more towards Fabric based costumes, as sewing is more my strength, but that doesn't mean I won't attempt any armour at all. Over the years, I am still learning and developing my skills and that's the beauty of this hobby. There is always another technique to acquire.

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Limegreenjelly - Miku Hatsune - 23rd June 2014

Another chance

Getting this one out of retirement for a private photo shoot. A few things need to be changed, but hopefully it will be easy to fix. The skirt will become a knife pleated skirt and the straps will be fixed too. Just got to find everything up in the attic.


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