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vallonPapillon27 January, 2012 - 21:04
you sur are alsome for cosplay Papillon you need to do sometime so i can see it
LekLekKamijo26 December, 2010 - 04:34
I would love to see pictures of this costume up
MomoIru1994Yumichika Ayasegawa17 November, 2010 - 15:05
Omg , i can't wait to see your Yumichika Cosplay !!! x33
MomoIru1994Byakuya Kuchiki17 November, 2010 - 15:03
Yaaay , byakuya ! You are sooo awsome !! x33
donnamevansMiles Edgeworth3 June, 2010 - 19:09
Whooo yay! I'm gonna be Maggey Byrde this year so I'll have to look out for you!
DarkiekunPapillon14 May, 2010 - 12:03
Oh my! I will love to see this one day! He is the best bad guy ever XD
Petchy-monPapillon15 April, 2010 - 01:08
AyamePapillon14 April, 2010 - 23:30
Wooooooooooh woooooooooh da da da da da da!
LimegreenjellyPapillon14 April, 2010 - 22:16
So much more work to be done looking good though ^^ *thumbs up*
LimegreenjellyKakeru Satsuki9 February, 2010 - 19:20
Awesome welcome to the group :) mr lestat
animekid3000Byakuya Kuchiki24 January, 2010 - 05:34
i love it u make an awesome byakuya i am planning to cosplay as byakuya but doubt it will be as good as this
FreyaruleMiles Edgeworth20 November, 2009 - 12:23
Edgeeeeeeyyy :3 I look forward to molesting- I mean, hugging you. >w>;;; xD
ManjouNozomu Itoshiki7 August, 2009 - 18:53
Zetsuboushita! Another Itoshiki Sensei! XD

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