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I've been cosplaying since about 2006/7 and my first cosplay was as Seras Victoria from Hellsing for a Halloween party. I then cosplayed as Zakuro from Tokyo Mew Mew for a Mew Mew themed party but wasn't really aware of cosplay until I attended my first MCM Expo. The next time I went, I cosplayed as Misa from Death Note. I've also cosplayed as Ashley from Resident Evil 4 and Claire Bennet from Heroes but I won't be uploading any of these photos as I was very young and the costumes were very bad haha. I'm hoping to improve my costume skills and maybe commission a few small cosplay pieces.

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LMA - Ryuko Matoi - 20th June 2014

Going to commit to this costume

I fell in love with this outfit as soon as I saw it, I even bought fabric for it but then I convinced myself to put it on hold because it was so difficult. About 6 months after the episode has aired I'm shocked that I haven't found a single cosplay of this costume. The thought of making something this big, and being possibly the first one to do it, is really exciting. If I complete it in time for October Mcm I really want to enter the masquerade. After cosplaying infrequently for years I've always wanted to enter but never thought I'd made anything good enough, but I think I'd feel justified wear this. My main concern is how con appropriate it is, with the spikes attached to the legs and scissor to my arm. I probably won't fit around the con with these on and I don't want to risk poking anyone so I'll talk to mcm staff on the forum and for now I'll make them both detachable. I'm so excited ><


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