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What got me into cosplay?:
The fact I've always wanted to /be/ certain characters. Like when I was younger I used to watch episodes of Sonic the Hedgehog on my VHS, and I'd learnt all of the lines and would often re-enact the part of Miles 'Tails' Prower in my room alongside it. Not only that but I used to put talcum powder on half of my face and pretend I was Vinnie from Biker Mice from Mars. :P Cosplaying gave me a chance to get that much closer to being the desired characters, that it was a natural course to follow.

What was my first costume and why?:
My first attempt at a costume was when I was little, I wore a large blue shirt, tucked my knees up inside it and wore a pair of green trousers on my head and called myself Oddish. XD However, my actual first costume was Sailor Mercury for a Birthday Party as my friend was going as Tuxedo Mask. It didn't come out that great, but it was the first time I tried making a costume and I learnt quite a bit from it.

What is my favourite costume and why?:
My favourite costume has got to be my Pazuzu one! The reason being is that Pazuzu is my all time favourite character ever from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest! Most people don't know who he is or what he is from, but I don't mind as the game was never that popular, but just having that chance to be him including moveable wings was the best experience ever!

Do I have a dream costume I'd like to make?:
All of my future costumes are, as they all start off as but a dream until I finally kick my butt into gear and get working on them. Though to be honest, most of the time my dream costume is to be able to cosplay at least one character from my current fandom(s), and since Homestuck is my current one, any character from that is a dream costume!

What has been my most memorable cosplay experience?:
I think my most memorable cosplay experience has to be when I wore my White Bomberman costume. Not many people had done it yet it was instantly a hit with kids and adults alike! There was one moment when a kid wanted a hug but I really couldn't see out of the costume that well, so I put my arms out forward and accidentally knocked him over (luckily the hands were made out of foam balls). Instead of him being upset or angry, he got up, smiled widely and ran to his parents saying he got 'blown up' by Bomberman.

Do I participate in masquerades?:
I used to participate in masquerades as a way to present my costume to people and show off my hard work. (Not going to lie, we all like the idea of showing off our hard work!) But now I find that the best way to do it is to be on the convention floor as you can interact with other people much better and it feels less isolated, plus it's a prouder feeling when people come up to you and compliment you face to face.

What was my best masquerade experience?:
My best masquerade experience has to be when I was interviewed on stage whilst wearing my White Bomberman costume. It came out of no-where and I was a little flustered, but it was an enjoyable experience.

Have I won any awards for my costumes?:
I have won first place at London MCM Expo May 2006 with Pazuzu, second place at London MCM Expo October 2007 with Pocky Box and Cutest Cosplay at JapanEx with White Bomberman.

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