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I knew about cosplay long before I attempted any myself, I looked at other cosplayers and always wanted to join in but never had the confidence to do so, until July 2008 when I began making The Summoner Yuna from FFX for a convention in London. What I probably love the most about cosplay is being able to show what I made, painstakingly by hand!

I tend to stick to characters with a larger bust thanks to being very hourglasss shaped, big boobs,tiny waist, big hips. Get yelled at by builders a lot, you know the score. Midna was a big sucess and I've lost some weight since then (I BLAME STRESS) but yeah, I'm happy.

I like a challenge in my cosplays even if some of you have to put up with my ranting on messenger...you still love me, right?

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Kaythenia - Lulu - 5th January 2011


Righto, the hairsticks that my friend Kristen made for me have turned up in the post and they are so freaking beautiful. She did an absolutely stunning job, the earrings and all three necklaces are also complete. The Make up is also perfected but my camera is deciding to turn off each time I take a photo....the little sod. Eventually if I can get the thing to work there will be pictures of the make up and jewellery for progress. I got the swatch for the pleather back and it's perfect! And at only £5.25 a metre and cheap shipping it's a bargain! The fur swatch is also gorgeous and oh so pettable. A little expensive but worth the money.

Working on altering the pattern for the skirt at the moment before working on it, I'll make a prototype version first to check the shape and then we'll get on with it. When I can get photos up I will so keep an eye out!

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