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CandystripedRosalind Lutece11 April, 2013 - 12:42
Hellos! To answer your question on where I got my Blazer: http://tinyurl.com/cwahbqb I spent ages trying to find a wollen one to fit with the time period, and came across this! Little bit of editing and it'll be perfect!
KuKuLyfa30 November, 2012 - 13:22
I do hope you know I'm claiming you as my Lyfa to go with my Sakuya sometime <3 xD
KuKuLyfa28 November, 2012 - 23:55
Lyfa-Chan! <3
ElleSirius Black11 September, 2012 - 14:29
You are in a liburary, a liburary specially for Harry Potter cosplay?
RosipooAnri Sonohara14 August, 2012 - 15:52
So cute :D can't wait to see at Alcon ^^

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