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Well, I've been attending conventions since I was 16, but didn't really get involved in the more otaku ones until about 2 years later. Since then, I thought that it'd be awesome to do cosplay, but doubted if I'd ever get into it myself, since most of the costumes I saw were more works of art.
With this in mind, my first costume was an ebay purchase. As a result, I never entered into any competitions, believing that I didn't have the right to stand alongside other who'd poured so much effort and dedication into their cosplays.
Having said that, I'm 6 cosplays in now and going strong with each new project becoming a synonym for constant growth, adaptation and learning.
For the record, none of the photos on my page are mine. Where possible I credit the owner/photographer.

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KakarotVersion5 - Dracula - 8th May 2014

Painting begins

Arduous is really the only word to describe this part of the project.
To complete both sides top to bottom took about 6 hours in total.
Considering it was all done free-hand, I wasn't displeased with the outcome.
My back, however, was.


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