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Ugh I keep adding new cosplays to the list all the time, really bad habit. I WILL get on with it and do them all at some point or another.

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Jenrawr - Jak - 5th June 2013

Chest Plate Armour

Spent today drawing out a template for Jak's chest plate armour. Had to make sure my plan was going to fit together properly before I started making it out of Worbla so I made it in craft foam first. It also helped to check that all the interlocking and overlapping pieces were going to fit together properly and help me see if I needed to make any changes, which I do in a couple places. There's also the reference I used. I swear that damn armour looks different in every single picture I could find, its infuriating to a perfectionist like me So I've just gone with the general theme that seems to run through each picture. It also doesn't help that a huge portion of it is covered up by the ring and straps. Sigh. Cosplay. Stresses me out.


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