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I've been cosplaying for quite a few years now, though I have only starting making my own cosplays in the resent years, and boy, it's hard. xD
I like to act and perform in cosplay, usually I never break character [which gets me in trouble sometimes cause people think I'm stuck up .__.]
I hope I become better and making my cosplays and be able to do the bigger cosplays I have planned.

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Jellybean - Kurama - 23rd April 2011

Not gone as planned

Okay, so I didn't get to do him for Kita... nevermind, I still plan on doing him to my next event!
I am so close to finishing it now, the main body is now together and I have the shirt and shoes.
Things to do; Sew on collar and blue ribbon
Hem the bottoms
Get some pants
Cut a fringe into the wig [WHICH btw, is PERFECT! I srsly hope I don't ruin it .__.]

I'll get pictures of the wig soon @@ When I get the courage to cut it...


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