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Giorno Giovanna (pink ver.)
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo
Blue Haired Girl
Mawaru Penguindrum
Ritsu (School Uniform)
K-ON ! !
League Of Legends

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Lady-AiraGiorno Giovanna21 February, 2015 - 16:52
Hewoooo ^^ you guys all looked awesome together! And was awesome to stop and chat you (yay Monster Hunter! ^^) Hope to see you around again!
Ashy-kuncelty2 November, 2012 - 19:40
Wow, that helmet is sweet. ^^
ShadowofShinracelty2 November, 2012 - 17:39
You were such an amazing Celty.
JustPeachycelty2 November, 2012 - 17:21
Great Celty :) I love your helmet!
Carminacelty2 November, 2012 - 16:22
Saw you at expo, your celty was great!

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