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Sonico (Cute rabbit jumper)
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Fluttershy (equestria girl )
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Quest Receptionist (Guild girl )
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Ryuko matoi (Uniform)
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Recently Received Comments

FlissSylveon25 January, 2014 - 23:55
Thank you! Hopefully it all goes to plan and looks the way I want it to :)
Dragonkid01Sylveon22 November, 2013 - 13:33
This looks so kool i <3 to see this :D
FlissSylveon2 November, 2013 - 14:49
Thank you! Hope it comes together as I'm hoping it will ^^ Love your Adventure time cosplay in the icon btw!
ToroSonyCatSylveon2 November, 2013 - 14:43
I love everything you chose for this! So cute
nanaharaKaname Chidori8 September, 2012 - 15:47
you look adorable XD
FlissSerah farron22 August, 2012 - 18:19
Thank you! youre too kind!
ViolaSerah farron22 August, 2012 - 14:41
Pretty (:
FlissSerah farron21 August, 2012 - 15:02
Thanks so much!!! :D I can't wait to see loads of cool cosplay!
NaomiRuthXSerah farron11 August, 2012 - 19:18
This looks fantastic, Cant wait to see it :)
FlissSerah farron31 July, 2012 - 19:33
Thanks darling i hope its half as good as yours!
KarakulzSerah farron28 July, 2012 - 00:28
Oooh this looks great! x3
FlissSerah farron23 July, 2012 - 20:58
Thanks :) I love your hope cosplay!!!!
CattrociousSerah farron23 July, 2012 - 15:30
I'm looking forward to seeing this :)
TJPguyAlisa Bosconovitch19 May, 2012 - 18:13
Ahh I see, two very awesome characters... Good luck deciding between them! xD
FlissAlisa Bosconovitch19 May, 2012 - 11:47
Thanks :D im still torn between doing alisa or lili though.
TJPguyAlisa Bosconovitch18 May, 2012 - 23:58
Looking forward to seeing this! :D
FlissMiku Hatsune12 May, 2012 - 11:33
Oooo im looking forward to it :D its gonna be adorable! and thanks alot :D
rosierooMiku Hatsune11 May, 2012 - 08:34
im going on saterday and sunday as alice ^^ loving the new pics x
FlissMiku Hatsune10 May, 2012 - 15:26
Thank you! :D
sjbonnarRiruka dokugamine10 May, 2012 - 15:12
You make an adorable Riruka!

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