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I actually didn't know about Cosplay up until 6 weeks before the London MCM Expo in May 2011 & was only introduced to it by my Korean friend & teacher. She told me, that she was making a costume for her daughter for Expo & this inspired to go with them!
With 6 weeks to Expo, I had to find a costume to make quickly & as I just finished playing" Zelda- Twilight Princess" for the 2nd time, making a Midna- Twilight Princess, was what sprung to mind.

So planning began & I got supplies.. Fabrics, craft foam, clay, wooden sticks, wires & fabric paints by the gallon, xD I have a full description of how I made all individual pieces in the information of my Midna Cosplay Gallery :)
Making Midna* was all about trial & error, as I have no previous experience of costume making & sewing. I tought myself how to sew by hand & machine, how to make patterns and sew buttons.. ect.

After many sleepless nights, I finally finished Midna in 6 weeks. Although it was painful, looking back now, I truely enjoyed the experience.
Being at MCM Expo in 2011 was awesome & winning 1st place in the comp, with my first project was a wonderful memory, that will stay with me ALWAYS! :)

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