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LARPer and maker. Modelmaking graduate with film prop-modelling experience, specialising in pattern deconstruction, sculpting and mould making/casting.

I haven't cosplayed since before University but hey, things might change. There's some inspiration floating around and I'm kinda excited to get back into the hobby.

Well... I started cosplaying early in 2009, after hearing about it on deviantart, but my first cosplay was probably in 2007 (I didn't know it was called that then).

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DawnKestrel - Bec Blanc - 12th July 2012

Head mark 1

[can't remember when I finished it, but it sure was a while ago]

The head is just about done! I'm going to be remaking it with a moving jaw, since I didn't have time to add one in before the charity event I originally made this for.


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