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White TigressSheryl Nome18 October, 2017 - 21:12
I always loved your Sheryl cosplays! I am looking forward to seeing this.
ShadowofShinraRise Kujikawa10 January, 2016 - 18:33
Aha I know this feeling of wanting to do all the versions! Looking forward to seeing this and the group at Ame, always great to see more P4 cosplays ^^
Panda123Princess Tutu30 September, 2015 - 21:29
Wow so pretty! Congrats on the showcase (and for withstanding the heat of the costume and the pointe shoes!!!) :)
InfiniteJesterRyoma Echizen17 August, 2015 - 20:22
Can't wait to see this! Love PoT!
Amy-LouMonkey D. Luffy14 July, 2015 - 13:09
Fantastic Luffy, really fun and neat!

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