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Recently Received Comments

TsuchinokoBarry Burton12 June, 2013 - 17:57
Nice, you really suit Barry ^^
gaming_goddessHeavy11 June, 2013 - 03:04
Loving the group photos of this - everyone being dead is amazing :D Love this so much :D
gaming_goddessBarry Burton11 June, 2013 - 03:03
The completed outfit looked awesome all together :) Great job on the holster :D
Mr. Sat-AshBarry Burton29 May, 2013 - 13:03
Looking pretty rawk there, Bear-san.
Andrew ArmstrongHeavy12 April, 2013 - 18:12
Mr. Sat-AshHeavy12 April, 2013 - 05:31
That is looking friggin' sweet.
RagepotatoBarry Burton27 March, 2013 - 22:15
Looking excellent so far! I love Barry~
gaming_goddessBarry Burton1 March, 2013 - 07:03
This is gonna be awesome :D You need to put up progress shots - they look so good :D
Augmented QueenParker Luciani18 February, 2013 - 10:13
Well! Fancy seeing this! :3
Mr. Sat-AshDick Gumshoe14 November, 2012 - 09:48
Awww, look at Gumshoe so peaceful sleeping. Wouldn't it be a shame if Ban came to whack him on the head, for giving him that ramen. We all know it was out of date, anyway. ^^ I kid, I kid. Nice to see more pics of him.
JaeXDDick Gumshoe14 November, 2012 - 09:13
Hold it Pal!
LeadmillHUNK22 October, 2012 - 05:32
Was great to see up close!
NumtaIroquois Pliskin13 September, 2012 - 11:43
Awesome Pliskin dude =D
Mr. Sat-AshDick Gumshoe13 September, 2012 - 02:08
Oh, sure, no problem, man. They're already up on my page for Ban, so go ahead. They're your pictures, after all. ^^
Mr. Sat-AshDick Gumshoe11 September, 2012 - 13:09
T'was fun beating you over the head with my sign. You dare offer a starving Midou Ban mere noodles? Such nerve.
TheGyroCaptainHUNK26 August, 2012 - 10:51
Looks cool
ZelvyneDick Gumshoe23 August, 2012 - 10:55
Fantastic Gumshoe cosplay :) I love the happy and sad Gumshoe pictures =p
Augmented QueenIroquois Pliskin20 August, 2012 - 23:03
Yay! Hope to see this in person one day!
KaerithIroquois Pliskin19 August, 2012 - 10:20
This is so awesome! You make an brilliant Pliskin!!
Chain ToxinDick Gumshoe19 August, 2012 - 00:48
Wow, You make a Great gumshoe!

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