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I'm just a hobbyist who got in too deep. I mostly go to MCM London Comic Con, but I don't enjoy crowds.

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BEEPcos - Jolyne Kujo - 6th January 2016


I went for Latex mixing with Acrylic and painting on samples.
Here is my album of this which I did in the progress:

The conclusion and summary of it it: add more latex than paint and test it before you use it. The sheets that are cracking while being stretched are the ones with more acrylic in the mix than latex. Each sheet I did a more acrylic to less acrylic mix so tess how it affects on the same stretch, so the bits at the left are more acrylic and right are more latex. A 5-10% of Acrylic is enough. If you don't have paint the latex will dry clear as well. While I doubt I'll stretch the costume as much as these tests but it's better safe than sorry. And there's a reason we need a stretch in it so let's not be too careful.


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