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Pippin4242Kafei2 March, 2012 - 01:36
Aaaah, you're adorable as Kafei! What a great costume - and you picked a really nice place to shoot at!
zabuza89Quorra21 July, 2011 - 18:42
you look amazing you are awesome ^^
CattrociousVaati18 July, 2011 - 17:50
Oh my goodness... its too awesome for words :D
KuroOkaeshiSheik7 July, 2011 - 23:03
That looks awesomes! :D
sjbonnarQuorra6 July, 2011 - 09:27
This is incredible and you look so fantastic!
sjbonnarVaati6 July, 2011 - 09:27
I remember seeing this! I was impressed then and I am now ^_^
NumtaQuorra4 July, 2011 - 09:09
Really awesome! Good work!
GAINAXQuorra4 July, 2011 - 06:28
Awesome! Nice job with the EL wire! I plan to make Clu one day 8D
TsuchinokoQuorra4 July, 2011 - 06:09
This is awesome, I love how you managed to make it light up!
Sketch McDrawQuorra3 July, 2011 - 15:15
OMG! This looks amazing! :D
-Quorra3 July, 2011 - 02:14
This is looking sweeeeeeeet! Love how you've did the body suit with the glow
AlyxVaati2 July, 2011 - 21:19
Amazing!! I love you for doing this!! <3

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