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I did some basic ones back in the day when I was a young lass of 18. Tohru (Fruits Basket), Lenne (FFX-2) and Team Magma Female Grunt (Pokemon)
I kind of left though, losing touch and confidence in my abilities.
Luckily, this May my fella got tickets for MCM Expo, he knew how much I loved and missed it so went with me. Now I've got the bug again and plan on knitting like a ninja and making more friends and costumes for this October!

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Annakajima - Gardevoir - 10th September 2012

Hell Yea

Well not such a bad thing after all.

Undoing all the work I had done (which took 3 days to make and 1 hour to destroy), turns out to be a good thing. I wouldn't have liked the rib stitch bodice, not only did it not look right but would have been far too big.

Instead, I was inspired by a sideways knit bodice, I've knit pac-man hats sideways before (Pictured for lolz) and it means I can make hats on straight needles which I much prefer. Double pointed and circular needles are great for making toys and knitting without sewing up, there's something comforting about doing it on straight needles.

So it was structures with two front panel, knitting upwards and structured to cover the girls, then the back I picked up stitches along the sides of one panel, knitted it along, picking up stitches from the bottom, then once I was all done I knitted it into the other panel.

I haven't described it well but believe me, it looks perfect.

Now I'm working on the straps, I'm knitting them in a weird style that will take longer but they'll be nice and sturdy, then I can move onto starting the wig!


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