Anime events this August


Article by drowned_panda posted Friday 30th July 2010

Well we are half way through 2010 now, but there is still plenty more to come in what has been a great year for anime events. August sees three large events happening, including Amecon which is, for many, the biggest event of the year. So keep reading for details of what you can get up to this coming month.

Amecon - 13th August - 15th August 2010

This is it, the big one. Amecon is the big summer convention this year and arguably the event of the year for many. The event will consist of panels throughout the weekend, tutorials in cosplay and art, dealers area, bring and buy and special guests in the form of voice actors Brad Swaile and Wendy Powell, Japanese lecture Akemi Solloway and also the 'secret squirrel' whom the identity of will be revealed on the day. Of course the famed Amecon parties will be one of the many highlights, with a party happening every night of the convention usually in the order of AMV disco, J-Pop and finally a ball.

For many though the main draw will understandably be the cosplaying side of Amecon, which it certainly has well covered. As well as the masquerade, which is also of a high standard at Amecon, there is the added bonus of the next Euro Cosplay qualifier. For more details on this please refer to Kat's recent news item -

Although the membership for this event is now full, there is a waiting list so there is always a last minute chance you may be able to go. With 1200+ attendees attending and a very friendly and welcoming crowd, Amecon will no doubt prove to a great weekend once again. Visit the Amecon website for more information -

Auto Assembly - 13th - 15th August 2010

If you are a Transformers fan (and, lets be honest, who isn't?), then Auto Assembly is for you. A convention dedicated to those irrepressible Robots In Disguise, it will feature art workshops, fan meets, script readings, guest panels and the voice of Optimus Prime himself, Gary Chalk, will be in attendance. Held in Birmingham, there is also a cosplay competition which would be great to see, especially if someone actually pulled off a transforming cosplay! It really does look like a fun weekend, it is just a shame it clashes with Amecon. Still it will no doubt continue to run on an annual basis, so could be one to keep an eye on in future. There are still places available if you are interested, for details visit the website here -

Japanese Art Festival - 21st - 22nd August 2010

Most of the UK anime conventions dedicate part of their timetable to Japanese culture, particularly modern music, fashion and BJDs (Ball Jointed Dolls). If you fancy an event which covers a wider spectrum though, then the Japanese Art Festival should appeal to you.

Held in the Holborn district of London, the JAF schedule contains a mixture of both modern and traditional Japanese culture. Fans of classical Japan will appreciate the performances of taiko drumming, shinobue and shamisen, as well as martial arts demostrations. Fashion fans will be pleased to hear that the 'kawaii' store 6% Doki Doki, which hails from the trend-setting Tokyo district Harajuku, will be attendance, along with renowned kimono designer Yumi Yamamoto, who has previously held talks on Japanese fashion in Paris and Tokyo. The fashion theme continues with a Harajuku themed show, accompanied, of course, by a cosplay masquerade.

Alongside the events many artists will be in attendance to showcase their work, which will also be for sale. There will also be a dealers room selling a wide range of goods. Food will also be available at the event, with such Japanese delights as okonomiyaki, takoyaki and soba on offer, which can all be washed down with sake.

An impressive timetable of events then, and all for only a £5 free entry. For further information on venue and directions, visit the JAF website here -