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We try to keep our members up to date with the latest cosplay news, event updates and competition announcements, as well as anything of general interest to cosplayers! We also occasionally use this to inform everyone of any major site changes. If you know anything interesting that we haven't mentioned, or are an event or competition organiser with any press releases, please drop an email through to and we'll spread the word.

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Final Fantasy Look-a-like Results & CLAMP Competition Announced

Wow what can I say? I was overwhelmed with the entries this month. I can not express how difficult it was to choose winners! The calibre was really very high. I should have been more expectant really with just how popular Final Fantasy is. Due to this we decided to pick a couple of honourable mentions as well as the original 1st, 2nd and 3rd entries.

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Want to be on television? Sure you do!

The rather wonderful new Anime Central is looking for people over 18 to take part in an ad campaign that will be broadcast next year. They want to "get to know" the fanbase by interviewing cosplayers in your best outfits. So all they need now is cosplayers and that's where you guys come in.

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Wigs and Pages

If you take a look over at the tutorials section you'll see that Angelphie has provided us with an absolutely extensive guide for UK cosplayers working with wigs. It's quite an epic piece of work so I'm sure many of your will find it very useful.

We've also been making some minor improvements to the site. So on the members, costumes and photos pages you will now see handy page selectors at the bottom.

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Welcome to the Island

We've been running for 3 months now and have surpassed the 200 members mark. With over 1,500 cosplay photos uploaded by you all things seem to be going great. We thank you all for being part of this community and helping to make it a great friendly place for cosplayers in the UK.

The Final Fantasy look-a-like competition has now closed and there were a hell of a lot of entries so I believe Kelly is going to have a hard time judging this one.

We also recently attended London Expo and Video Games Live both of which had their own cosplay competitions. Expect both written and video reports of Expo coming soon.

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Naruto Look-a-like Contest Winners Announced

Hey everyone.

Our first competition is over and our winners our up! Congratulations to our winners and thanks to everyone who entered, we had some brilliant entries and it was a very tough decision. So as one competition ends another begins. Our theme for this months competition is Final Fantasy, so if you have a Final Fantasy costume in your closet, from any game, feel free to enter! Remember it is just a look-a-like competition, so don't be afraid to enter if you haven't made your costume. Good luck and I look forward to seeing your entry!

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Cosplay in the British Museum

As part of the British Museum's season of late night anime movie screenings on Friday 28th September they will be showing the new Ghost in Shell: Stand Alone Complex movie Solid State Society. What's more they're encouraging you to come along in cosplay from your favourite series, and the best outfits will be awarded prizes by Manga Entertainment. It's a free event but you need to book in advance as they expect it to sell out.

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Competitions Update

Hi there! This is Kelly, Cosplay Island's new Competition Editor. As you might have guessed, my job is to bring you lots of exciting competitions to participate in for our members. It’s all in the name of fun, though we do have a number of small prizes to give out to the winners, just to make it a little more awesome. At the moment our current contest is a Naruto themed ‘look-a-like’ competition!

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Post-AmeCon Update

The UK's biggest anime convention is now behind us all for this year. We hope those of you who went along had a great time and have been uploading pictures of your fabulous costumes into our galleries. It's been nearly a month since our last update and you may have already noticed some of the great new features we've added in today's release. We've also welcomed aboard some new members of staff whose contributions should make a big difference to site in the coming months.

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Pre-AmeCon Update

AmeCon is now less than a week away and so we imagine most of you are buried deep in half finished costumes in a mad last minute panic. However while you're taking a break from your hard work why not look at the new features we've rolled out today.

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Welcome to Cosplay Island

Hello and thanks for dropping by. Cosplay Island is an all new cosplay community site for people living here in the UK. We've designed the whole site to be as friendly and easy to use as we could make it. So please sign-up and take a look around. With AmeCon less than a month away I'm sure you're all fairly busy at the moment, neck deep in fabric, but everyone deserves a break to look at a cool new website.

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