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We try to keep our members up to date with the latest cosplay news, event updates and competition announcements, as well as anything of general interest to cosplayers! We also occasionally use this to inform everyone of any major site changes. If you know anything interesting that we haven't mentioned, or are an event or competition organiser with any press releases, please drop an email through to and we'll spread the word.

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Post-Minami Update

Well it's been nearly three weeks since we all partied until the early hours of the morning down in Southampton and time for a big update on our Minami coverage. We have a floor prize winner, a written report, a video of masquerade and Cosplay Snap have photo galleries. So read the full article if you want to reminisce about the good times, or if you couldn't make find out what you missed on!

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Cosplay Island at MinamiCon

It's less than a week away now from one of the cosiest cosplay events of the year, and of course Cosplay Island will be there. For Minami this year we'll be providing video and written coverage of the cosplay. Not only that, we're also sponsoring this year's floor prize competition. So in your convention pack you'll find a little Cosplay Island floor prize token you should give to the best cosplayer you see walking around the convention.

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Cosplay Snap Partnership

You've probably already heard of Cosplay Snap, the UK cosplay photography duo who offer private shoots at all the major cosplay events. Well, we're very pleased to announce a new partnership between Cosplay Island and Cosplay Snap!

We are now hosting their website and more importantly their galleries are now an integrated part of Cosplay Island. From the new Galleries menu you can browse through their albums of event photos and photo shoots.

With Cosplay Island providing the community and Cosplay Snap providing the photography, we think this a great fit and are glad to be working with them.

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Ouran Host Club Cosplay Event, Saturday 16th February, Trocadero

This Saturday the UAL Manga, Anime and Games Society are working with Tokyo Toys to bring you a unique Valentine's Day event. Primarily a speed dating event for 16-25 year olds where you will be served by the Ouran High School Host Club or one of the maids in a cosplay cafe format. Even if you're not interested in the speed dating you can take part in a day of activities starting from 5pm until late.

It all sounds a bit "different" to your usual cosplay event so if you're down in London or nearby why not drop in and have a look for yourself. I've included below the full write-up they sent us about what's going on.

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Christmas Competition Winners Annouced

The festive season may be over, but here at the Island we're still giving out presents - to the lucky winners of our festive competition! We were happy to see so many of you taking part over the Christmas Holidays and New Year, thank you to all who entered and congratulations to everyone who got it right.

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New Year, New Features

Hey everyone. Hope you all had a great new Christmas and New Years. Our Christmas gaming competition comes to an end next week so if you've not entered you've still got time. However right now the big news is that as you may have already noticed, we've rolled out some new features and improvements to the site.

Navigation and styling throughout the site has been fixed up and improved, as you'll see we've now got a nice new tab bar across the top for all the important content on the site. On the tab bar you'll see links to our new reports section which includes our first video report from London MCM Expo back in October. We've also added a Shop Directory for you to use to find all the best places to buy cosplay essentials.

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Merry Christmas from the Island Team (and win free stuff)

Now you may already be fed up of every site you've visited on the internet pretending to wish you a Merry Christmas as they hint that they'd really like you to spend some more money. Here on Cosplay Island we like to be a little different, and to prove that we really wish you a great holiday season we've teamed up with UK anime distributor Beez Entertainment to bring you a fun little competition where you can win some great DVD prizes! Head to our competition pages and see for yourself.

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CLAMP competition winners announced!

This was an interesting one to judge! Whilst I didn’t suffer the same torrent of entrants as I did with the Final Fantasy competition, I was still very impressed with the quality of the entrants. It was pretty high, I think, and certainly wasn’t easy to judge. Many of my favourite titles are by CLAMP which made the judging especially enjoyable. Well done to all the winners, you did a great job.

Our competition sponsor TokyoToys is also running a Christmas party this Saturday (15th December) at their Greenwich store and I, along with the rest of the Cosplay Island team, will be there to cover the event. If you're around London this weekend hope to see you there.

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Recent Site Downtime

Those of you wise enough to visit the site a lot might have noticed we've been having some problems recently and the site has been up and down quite often. Thankfully the down time has been brief but I'm sure you'll agree it's frustrating. We think we've tracked down the problem, which seems to be spammers attacking a forum on a different site hosted on the same server. *shakes angry fist at spammers*

UPDATE: We will be moving Cosplay Island to another server tonight (Thursday 22nd November) after midnight. We'll try to keep downtime to a minimum during the transfer.

UPDATE 2: Sadly, the server drama continues. The move to the new server failed so we've turned on the old server again, which means there may be intermittent site crashes :( We'll try and get this all sorted as soon as possible.

UPDATE 3: Okay I think we're all sorted now, the server transfer is complete. You might notice we're sneakily directing you to our .com site for the moment. The UK address will be back to normal in a day or two but it should all be transparent to you. You may now use the site in peace. ^_^

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Fistful o' Site Updates

The whole Cosplay Island team has been very busy recently. As we've already reported Kelly is running a new look-a-like competition themed around CLAMP. Event editor Nert has written up some great reports on AmeCon 2007, London Expo October 07 and Video Games Live 2007. Nic Walker has provided us with a new tutorial on how to take great looking Cosplay Photography. Kat and I have been working on a bunch of improvements to the general usability of the site.

Full details in a moment, but to get a little techy, if anything looks weird while you're browsing the site you might want to force your browser to refresh (Ctrl + F5 on some browsers) as you might have the old style sheet cached.

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