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We try to keep our members up to date with the latest cosplay news, event updates and competition announcements, as well as anything of general interest to cosplayers! We also occasionally use this to inform everyone of any major site changes. If you know anything interesting that we haven't mentioned, or are an event or competition organiser with any press releases, please drop an email through to and we'll spread the word.

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RTX: More tickets added

The previously sold out RTX London has added a limited number of VIP and weekend badges for sale, going live this Friday, September 1st at 6pm. So if you missed out, here's your last chance! Find out more info & news about guests on their website.

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Site update: Social media links!

Those of you using social media for your cosplays, you can now add them to your profile! Twitter, Facebook Pages, Instagram and a custom website link can now be added, find them by heading to your Account Settings under 'personal'.

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Doncaster Comic Day - free entry

A new comic event has popped up in Doncaster on the 10th September that looks to be a fun day out - and what's more, they've removed any entry fee! Find out more~

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Site update: Images

A very quick site update for tonight, tidying up some of the mobile site & changing how we display images across the site. But one thing a few of you might like, is that in order to make everything line up nicely on your costume pages, we've upped the max image limit to 15. Enjoy!

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Tokonatsu reg for '18 now open

Returned from Tokonatsu on a high, or missed out on the fun this year and jealous? Well no fear, registration is open for next years' event! Find the full event details here and add it to your calendar.

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Kitacon @ Warwick University

It's Kitacon in less than a week! For those who haven't been to the new venue, check out the photo location map that ManyLemons did a few years back. There may be a few changes, but you can get an idea of the variety of locations on the campus! View the map here

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Costume sale at RSC

Bargain hunters & scavengers! The Royal Shakespeare Company is selling off over 10,000 items from their past shows in a jumble sale on September 23rd, in Stratford-upon-Avon. They've got a variety of items from clothing and armour to jewellery and millinery, definitely worth a look.

Full details can be found on their website.

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Site updates!

Evening all! A few updates for you tonight~ We've got a few layout changes on the site, the return of the showcase and a new event feature. Read on below for more details:

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DC Comic Bombshells patterns - 1/2 price @ Coscraft

For anyone looking to cosplay from the DC Comics Bombshells designs (google them if you haven't seen them, they're fantastic), DC made it even easier by launching official patterns that you can work from.

And what's even better? Coscraft now have a chunk of them in stock, and for a limited time they are half price, go go!

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Convention updates

A flurry of news today! Firstly, Early Bird tickets for MCM Comic Con London have gone on sale today for October, get them before they're gone!
An event that's a bit sooner, Kitacon is just around the corner and they've made an announcement about their cosplay rules.
And lastly a reminder that EGX's competitions are open, including the entry for the UK ECG qualifiers - check out what's going on.

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