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We try to keep our members up to date with the latest cosplay news, event updates and competition announcements, as well as anything of general interest to cosplayers! We also occasionally use this to inform everyone of any major site changes. If you know anything interesting that we haven't mentioned, or are an event or competition organiser with any press releases, please drop an email through to and we'll spread the word.

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Cosplayers Take Over Oxford Circus

London's Oxford Circus was taken over by cosplayers this morning as they assisted with the opening of a new diagonal pedestrian crossing, inspired by the famous scramble crossing in Tokyo. A team of British cosplayers held red banners across the road before Mayor Boris Johnson made it official by hitting a giant gong, backed up by a troupe of taiko drummers.

The Cosplay Island team were on hand to record footage of the opening ceremony before testing out the crossing ourselves.

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Cosplay Island is now in the clouds

We're very sorry for the downtime over the past few days, the popularity of the site finally outgrew the limits of our hosting provider. So to deal with this we've been hard at work over the weekend and have done two things:

  • Firstly I spent the weekend going through a lot of very old code on the site cleaning it up making it run more efficiently.
  • Secondly, Peter Chan (aka AyaCon Chairman) was roped in to help us migrate the site to an Amazon Cloud Server. (Very cool and powerful techy stuff)

That may all sound very boring, but what this means to you is hopefully the site should now run a bit faster and be more reliable. However running on the cloud could potentially be a lot more expensive for us so we're going to be trialing it over the month and see how costly it turns out to be. Regardless of the results of the trial there will be another few days of down time next month as we finalise which server we're going to run on.

If you find any new bugs I've managed to create in the process of cleaning things up, drop us a line in the feedback forum and I'll try and get them resolved asap.

For now though we're glad to be back online.

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Cosplay Island competition at Ayacon

In order to satisfy cosplayers attending Ayacon Revolution who like a bit of competition, we're holding our own event at the convention.

Separate to the Masquerade and Sunday Night Live events, this will take place on the Saturday and Sunday mornings, where entrants can show off their costumes during short private interview with a panel of judges. Read on for more details!

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An anniversary and more event news

Another year has flown by - somehow, we've now been running for 2 years! I just wanted to give a thanks to those involved with Cosplay Island, from the users to the staff who keep things running. (And mainly to Amy-Lou and Sean, who have been pretty much running the site over the last few months!)

Now onto the actual news! The last week has been quite busy - the Grand International Cosplay Ball have announced their dates for this year's event, MCM Expo are launching a new 'Roadshow' event and Ayacon has announced a cosplay guest in their line-up. Read on for more information!

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AyaCon Cosplay Update

Heads up cosplayers - AyaCon cosplay event registrations are officially open!

This year AyaCon will be hosting a variety of cosplay events, panels and workshops. On Saturday evening cosplayers will have the chance to take to the stage of concert venue Butterworth Hall to strut their stuff in a catwalk Masquerade. If acting is more your thing then the Sunday Night Live show is open for skit submissions.

But wait!

We are also asking you to submit photographs of your favourite costumes to be displayed at the convention in our Cosplay Showcase Gallery. You don't have to be attending AyaCon to join in and it isn't a competition, this is just a chance for all our members to show off their hard work and the costumes you are most proud of. See rules below

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Cosplay World Record Attempt

Can you believe London MCM Expo is less than a week away. We hope you are all well on your way to completing your costumes and getting ready to strut your stuff next weekend.

For those of you cosplaying video game characters you might be interested in signing up to take part in breaking the Guiness World Record for 'The Most Video Game Costumes in One Place'. Below are more details.

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Now With Less Major Defects

Recently a bunch of you have been complaining helpfully pointing out that you get a horrible "out of memory" error when trying to upload larger photos. Kat finally nagged me to the point where I caved and tracked it down, and it now seems to be fixed. Sorry for those of you who have been unable to upload photos because of this, and let us know if you're still having any problems.

I'd also like to welcome our new official Cosplay Island news editor Nia Jones (better known as Tak). She'll be trying to keep abreast of all the latest goings on in the UK cosplay scene and posting exciting news articles about them. Just for you guys.

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April Is Here

Can you believe that the new con season is already in full swing, with events such as Minamicon, Memorabilia and Kitacon keeping you all frantically sewing there has been no end of new costumes emerging on the site.

But don't put those needles away quite yet as there are plenty of other events to look forward to. Below is a list of upcoming events and new additions to the site.

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Eventful February

Looking at the numbers already signed up we guess you're all aware of AyaCon opening registrations this week. We're certainly looking forward to the return of an old favourite and hope to see you all there.

But no need to sit around waiting for months, there are plenty of events in the meantime and those who travel the length of the country for your cosplay fix can stay closer to home this month with an event to the North, South and inbetween!

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Merry Christmas!

For once, a news post that isn't 3 months after the event! I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas on behalf of all the Cosplay Island team.

We hope that you are all enjoying yourselves and are getting into the Christmas spirit (eating, drinking and falling asleep in front of the Queen's speech...) Did anyone receive any interesting cosplay related presents over the festive season?

So drink, eat and be merry! And what are you doing on here anyway - it's Christmas!

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