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We try to keep our members up to date with the latest cosplay news, event updates and competition announcements, as well as anything of general interest to cosplayers! We also occasionally use this to inform everyone of any major site changes. If you know anything interesting that we haven't mentioned, or are an event or competition organiser with any press releases, please drop an email through to and we'll spread the word.

Manga Art exhibition in Richmond (August 15-16)

Sadly Amecon is over, I hope everyone enjoyed the convention and look forward to seeing all the new costumes being uploaded. Hopefully by now everyone will have returned home, caught up on their lack of sleep/malnutrition and started hunting online for photos!

A little late notice, but for those of you who are London-based - beat the post-con blues by attending another event this weekend. A manga and anime art exhibition is running this weekend in Richmond, promising to be a day of art and culture with the added bonus of cosplay!

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One Year On - a personal thanks

Most of you will not have any attachment to this date but for myself it is rather special. On this day last year, the first version of Cosplay Island was launched. At first I was worried that people wouldn't join and that people would just stick to the larger international sites. However a year down the line we've been joined by over 650 members and had nearly 7000 photos uploaded; I guess my worries were unfounded! I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a few 'thank you's.

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Japan Expo - A British Invasion

Fed up with the UK's idea of summertime, a few of the Cosplay Island team and members set off to attend one of the busiest conventions in Europe - the Japan Expo in Paris. Armed with a video camera and microphone, Nia and Rachel set out to report on what conventions are like the other side of the Channel.

With interviews of international cosplayers (and a few fellow Brits that they bumped into!) and footage of some of the costumes on display, they brought back a small part of the Expo for us all to see.

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May London Expo - reports and more

Yes we know its a little bit late, but we're getting quicker each time with this! May Expo was a very hectic but fun two days, it amazes us each year how many people they can fit into the hall - I really don't envy the people who were queuing each morning however.

Once again we've got reports in both video and written format to highlight the best parts of the convention. We've also gained a new photographer for the galleries, Nia, who has put a selection of Expo photos up as her first album. For those of you who didn't manage to attend and want to see what all the fuss was about, or if you've already forgotten (well it has been a month) read on!

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New tutorials and an addition to the staff list

I realise we may have been a little quiet on the news front recently, somehow also forgetting to put anything up about Expo! We'll have our coverage of the Expo weekend up soon, but before that we have some new content and and introduction to make.

We have two new great tutorials from our members which I hope you guys will find useful - a guide to female to male crossplay and prop creating on a budget. In addition to this we'd like to announce our newest staff member, Amy-Lou who will be helping us to keep this site up and running smoothly for everyone.

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Cosplay Island Version 2

As you can clearly see we've just done a massive overhaul of the site's design. If it all looks a bit messed up you might want to refresh your browser. This new design is the product of months of work, and although we've got a lot more in the works we wanted to share what we've done so far.

As you look around the site you should find a whole host of subtle changes and improvements. We hope you like what we've done with the place.

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Coming soon to a town near you..

It doesn't seem like too long ago that UK cosplayers spent half of the year waiting for events to arrive, now it seems hard to go a few weeks without one! With new conventions popping up all the time, Tokyopop ReCon events becoming more often and people organising one-off workshops - we really cannot complain anymore. Read on to hear more about just a few of the events happening in the very near future.

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A New Era on the Island

As the article was posted at midnight on 1st April you might already suspect everything below is intended as a joke. We don't run this site as a business and will NOT be charging for memberships! All is well. ^_^

Well it's been a busy few months on Cosplay Island, we've got more members than ever and we're glad to see the site so busy. Of course we always meant to run this site as a business and we think it's finally time to start offering paid accounts. Other sites such LiveJournal and CosplayLab run successful paid services and we think we've got a good deal for you. For £5 a month you will be able to post unlimited pictures on your costumes, will get priority on appearing on the front page and an exclusive automatic Photoshop filter effect to all your photos. Right now free accounts will still be available but we hope to phase them out in the next 6 months, in the meantime we will be reducing the number of photos free users can upload to make space for our premium users and removing free members from the user directory. This is not all, we've got even more cool plans in store...

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Post-Minami Update

Well it's been nearly three weeks since we all partied until the early hours of the morning down in Southampton and time for a big update on our Minami coverage. We have a floor prize winner, a written report, a video of masquerade and Cosplay Snap have photo galleries. So read the full article if you want to reminisce about the good times, or if you couldn't make find out what you missed on!

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Cosplay Island at MinamiCon

It's less than a week away now from one of the cosiest cosplay events of the year, and of course Cosplay Island will be there. For Minami this year we'll be providing video and written coverage of the cosplay. Not only that, we're also sponsoring this year's floor prize competition. So in your convention pack you'll find a little Cosplay Island floor prize token you should give to the best cosplayer you see walking around the convention.

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